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The ISO Metrik is a Revolutionary Non-Surgical Facelift Device that Prevents, Reduce and Eliminate Wrinkles from your Face Naturally.

About us


Upon suffering weakening of his facial muscles due to a mini stroke, company founder Mr. Capri McGhee designed a prototype of the ISO Metrik device to restore muscular control and reverse the effects of paralyzed facial muscles. In doing so, he made a significant discovery -- the process of stressing the facial muscles and bone prevents facial osteoporosis and reverses the sagging skin that accompanies aging. He and his team have spent over a decade refining the device and treatment regimen to maximize results. Twenty-two patents cover utility, method, process, and design and now -- after hundreds of iterations and a $2.3MM investment -- the ISO Metrik device is ready for market.

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Device Image


ISO Metrik is on a mission to provide consumers with a natural, long-lasting solution to aging. Through the use of the revolutionary and patent-protected ISO Metrik device, we enable consumers to naturally prevent, reduce, and in some cases, entirely eliminate wrinkles and sagging -- effectively turning back the face of time.


ISO Metrik’s vision is to disrupt the paradigm in anti-aging by resolving the etiology of the problem -- bone and muscle loss. We will revolutionize the industry with a non-surgical facelift device serving a range of consumers -- including those with aesthetic goals as well as victims of stroke and bell's palsy.

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Core Values

ISO Metrik’s strong core values are integrated throughout the company in all aspects from employee onboarding to consumer communications to partner agreements. We are focused on three tenets and believe the “magic sauce” happens when these three are aligned. focused on three tenets and believe the “magic sauce” happens when these three are aligned.

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