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How Does
The Treatment Work?

Treatment is conducted under the supervision of a treating Provider (Dermatologist, Plastic Surgeon, or Dentist). You can see perliminary results in as little as 20 days, but overall, the length of treatment depends on various factors such as age, skin type, etc.

Set as appointment at the ISO Metrik Solution centerwith one of our trained Medical Service Get a DEXA scan (Bone density and muscle test). blood test, teeth impressions, mouth measurement. Lip force measurements, and facial pictures.

Once you and the provider agree on the treatment plan, your teeth imprints are sent to our FDA- approved manufacturing facility for a custom fit.

Fill out an online questionnaire and recieve an at-home kit for taking an impression of their teeth to send back to ISO Metrik Solutions Lab.

A Medical Provider will review and create a treatment plan (the average treatment length is 20-to-48 months) depending on the patient's need.

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